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Green Back Run & Walk [ Mar 4, Sat, 2023] the day before the Tokyo Marathon] * Simultaneously will be held with Indonesia*

~ Run & Walk for Nature! Let’s connect with runners around the world ~
*** Please click here for Japanese announcement ***

[Sports are good for society. Running for Nature.]

We SPOSSA (Sports sustainability initiative) will hold a Green Back Walk & Run on the morning of March 4 (Sat), the day before the Tokyo Marathon. The event is to enjoy running and walking with garbage picking among runners and lovers phisical activities from not only all over Japan but also around world. We will run around Ginza, Tsukiji, and Sumida River.

We SPOSSA call the activity of picking up trash while running or walking “543SPOSSA (5minutes for 3sides). 3sides” means “environment”, “region” and “future”. Through daily running and walking, most of runners know the joy and comfort of exercising in nature. We have intend to make this activity known to as many runners as possible, and spread “543SPOSSA” throughout the country and the world. At the same time we think nature same as now should be successed to our children’s generation, that’s why we hope to raise awareness of the environment and social issues among runners and people who enjoy sports.

[Event Overview]
Date: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Time: Start: 9:30 (Reception: 9:00-9:20, End: 12:00)
Meeting place: 1-3-2 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Chuetsu Pulp Industry Tokyo Head Office, 8th Floor, Uchisaiwai-cho Tokyu Building(Click here for a map)
*Luggage storage is available. But please manage your valuables by yourself.
*You can use the changing room and toilet.

SPOSSA, Ginza Social Film Festival
Tokyo Shimbun, Chuetsu Pulp Industry Co., Ltd, mimi Sports Club, COEDA LABO, Indorunnner/Indorunnerbali

[How to do]
We divide into running group and walking group and carry out.
Running: about 8.5km (around 7 minutes/km)
See ranking course (map)
Walking: about 5km (around 10 minutes/km)
See the walking course (map)

[How to apply]
Here is for application.
*Advance registration is required to join.

[Participation fee: 500 yen]
*It contains donation to Indonesian NGO (Malu Dong Community in Bali), cost for carbon offset (tree planting). We will also provide some drinks for conversation exchange among runners after garbage picking.

[Flow of Main schedule in the event on March 4, Sat]
・ Announcement
・On line live with Indonesia (Bali)
・ Green Back Ran & Walk (Running & Walking with Garbage picking)
・ Conversation exchange meeting * free entry and exit
・On line live with Indonesia (Bali), etc.
(end: around 12:00)

In the afternoon, an online event with social film festival MaluDong will be held.
A separate application is required. Details will be announced soon.

[Held at the same time as Indonesia! ]
Green Back Run & Walk will be held at the same time as Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
It will be held in collaboration with Indorunner and IndorunnerBali, one of the largest running communities in Indonesia and SPOSSA’s support crew (partner). Some members participating in the Tokyo Marathon the following day will join this event in Tokyo. Let’s connect runners and spread the circle of sports sustainability to the whole country and the world!

[Your event participation fee will be donated to Malu Dong Community]
Malu Dong Community is an Indonesian environmental NGO who has garbage collection activities on the coast, rivers, and mountains of Bali, Indonesia.They also conducts environmental education and waste management education more than 100 times a year at public and private elementary schools and schools for disabled children. They are also focusing on reviving the culture (philosophy) in the region, which is called “Tori Hita Karana”, respecting the harmony between God and people, between people and people, and between people and nature. Mr. Koman, the representative od NGO, think that it has some overlap with Japanese culture. So he would like to give oppotunities (lessson between Japanese and Indonesian children) to children in Bali to improve garbege issue in Indonesia. If you have interest to have any session, please send message from here.

At Malu Dong house in Indonesia (Oct, 2022)

[Related events will also be held]
*Participation is optional. A separate application is required.
Details will be announced at a later date.

1) Pre- Green Back Run & Walk in Feb: Feb 4th, 2023
2) Pre-Green Back Run & Walk at the last minutes ): To be announced soon
3) Ginza Social Film Festival + online event with Indonesian environmental NGO: Feb 18th
4) Ginza Social Film Festival + online event with Indonesian environmental NGO: Mar 4th PM

<<screening movie>>
Feb 18th: Greenlie (
Mar 4th: Plastic Ocean (
Social Film Festival Organizer: Ginza Social Film Festival/Chuetsu Pulp Industry (Mr. Nishimura)
Online event organizer: SPOSSA
Cooperator: Tokyo Shimbun, mimi Sports Club, COEDA LABO

[From Ginza to the whole country. From Tokyo to the world. ]
The Tokyo Marathon attracts runners from all over Japan and around the world. This is a special opportunity for runners, friends, families, volunteers who support the running of the event, local residents, and many other people to share their thoughts and experiences through sports.

[I want to expand the circle of sports ✖️ environmental and social activities to the world]
Through running & cleanups and networking events with runners from all over the country and the world, we will create a circle of runners who are interested in environmental and social issues, a circle of Green Back Run & Walk, and a circle of action for social and environmental activities through sports all over Japan and around the world. I would like to spread it to the world.

[Held at the same time as Indonesia]
It will be held at the same time as the Green Back Run & Walk Day in Bali, Indonesia by the Indonesian run community “Indorunnerbali”, which is a support crew (partner organization) of SPOSSA. On the day of the event, we will also have an online live with the locals. Promote grassroots global partnerships that connect runners who have interests in environmental and social issues.