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イベント 2023.02.05 更新

2/4 & 18 Preイベントと3/4 PM Postイベント のご案内 [3/4 AM Sat, Green Back Run & Walk]

Pre-GreenBack Run/ ソーシャル映画祭/ インドネシア環境NGOとのオンラインイベント

*3月4日AMのGreen Back Run & Walkの関連イベントとして、ソーシャル映画祭(上映会)やインドネシア環境NGO「Malu Dong」とのオンライン交流会(活動紹介やQAセッションを含む)やPre-Green Back Run & Walkを開催します!


2月4日(土)PM ランニング&ウォーキングとクリンナップ(ゴミ拾い)※終了しました
2月18日(土)PM ランニング&ウォーキングとクリンナップ(ゴミ拾い)【申込はこちら
2月18日(土)PM  第150回 銀座ソーシャル映画祭とインドネシアの環境NGO(MaluDong)とのオンライン交流会【申込はこちら

3月4日(土)AM GreenBackRun &Walk(本番!)【申込はこちら
3月4日(土)PM 第151回 銀座ソーシャル映画祭とインドネシア環境NGO(MaluDong)とのオンライン交流会 【申込はこちら

協力:東京新聞、mimi Sports Club、COEDA LABO



ローカルが活動の中心となり運営されている団体で(同国の他の環境NGOとは異なるの特徴)ゴミ・海洋プラ問題、「トリ・ヒタ・カラナ」に基づいた環境教育や啓蒙活動にも力を入れている。同国の有名アーティストなども参画する「Mal Dong Festival」や学校・教育機関での授業(年間100回以上)なども行っており、代表のコマンさんは私財全てを投じ活動を行っています。SPOSSA(今回Green Back Run & Walkを主催)とは、国境を超えた協力関係のもの、子どもたちへの教育活動や、スポーツ×環境活動を展開しています。…/malu-dong-festival…




3/4(土)AMのGreen Back Run & Walkは、インドネシアと同時開催します。SPOSSAとパートナーシップを結ぶ同国最大の市民ランナーコミュニティーの一つである「IndoRunner/ Indorunnerbali」が主催するBali島クタエリアでの「Green Back Run & Walk」と同時開催、現地と繋いだオンラインライブも開催予定です。加えて、東京マラソンに参加する同コミュニティーメンバー(インドネシア、シンガポール、アメリカなどから来日)が東京のGreen Back Run & Walkに参加します。


(English below)


Green Back Run & Walk

(Run & Walk with Garbage Picking)

*Held at the same time as Indonesia*

From Ginza, Tokyo to the world!

Sports and running can do something good for society!”

Connect with runners from all over the country and around the world!

On March 4th (Sat), the day before the Tokyo Marathon, one of the world majors where citizen runners gather from all over the country and the world, a run & walk + garbage picking event will be held!

Collaborate with overseas running communities and environmental NGOs to do good things for society through sports!

“SPOSSA”, a citizen volunteer group that aims to develop runners’ awareness to preserve natural environment and “Ginza Social Film Festival”, has held more than 150 times screenig in Tokyo will hold the event with the cooperation of Tokyo Shimbun and others!

People who never done it or family feel free to join us.

*Green Back Run & Walk (plogging), which is held regularly on the 3rd Saturday of every month, celebrated its 30th time last month!

[3/4 (Sat) AM details and application]…/

[Related events are also held]

* Film festivals and online exchanges with the Indonesian environmental NGO “Malu Dong” (including activity introductions and QA sessions), etc.

February 4th (Sat) PM => End

February 18th (Saturday) PM Running & walking and cleanup (picking up trash)

February 18 (Sat) PM 150th Ginza Social Film Festival and online exchange meeting with overseas NGOs

March 4th (Sat) AM Running & walking and cleanup (picking up trash)

March 4th (Sat) PM 151st Ginza Social Film Festival and online exchange meeting with overseas NGOs

[Introduction of overseas environmental NGO “Malu Dong”]

2/18, 3/4PM Online exchange meeting (including activity introduction and QA session)

An NGO based in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia that tackles the problem of garbage and marine debris throughout Indonesia.

It is an organization operated mainly by locals (a feature that is different from other environmental NGOs in the country), and is also active in environmental education and enlightenment activities based on the problem of garbage and marine plastic, and “tori, hita, and karana.” I’m putting They also hold the “Mal Dong Festival” in which famous artists from the country participate, and classes at schools and educational institutions (more than 100 times a year). SPOSSA (sponsored by Green Back Run & Walk this time) is developing cross-border cooperative relationships, educational activities for children, and sports x environmental activities.…/malu-dong-festival…

* “Tori Hita Karana”

A traditional thought of Bali, Indonesia, which emphasizes harmony between God and people (Parahyangan), people and people (Pawongan), and people and nature (Parmahan). These traditions are fading in recent years.

【Additional Information! ! ]

3/4 (Sat) AM Green Back Run & Walk will be held at the same time as Indonesia. IndoRunner/Indorunnerbali, one of the country’s largest community of runners in partnership with SPOSSA, will hold “Green Back Run & Walk” in the Kuta area of Bali at the same time as “Green Back Run & Walk”. . In addition, members of the community participating in the Tokyo Marathon (from Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, etc.) will participate in the Green Back Run & Walk in Tokyo.

Do something good for society through sports!